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By: rossya ahd

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Friday, 24-Nov-2006 23:57 Email | Share | Bookmark
what's your pleasure?

I am dedicating the next few entries to the kids.. coz' they make me happy.. The children are having their year-end holidays..here and Malaysia too.

The basic chocolate truffle, for many chocolate lovers is one of life's simple pleasures. What most do not realize, though, is how easy they are to make. It is... just a little bit messy... Well.. what is mess.. so long your kids get to do it together and have an enjoyable time... So are you game enough?


220 milk chocolate chips
80ml whipping cream
80g UNSALTED butter (Don't use margarine)
and your favourite toppings... cocoa powder or confectioner's sugar

Melt milk chocolate chips over simmering water in a double boiler, stirring frequently with a rubber spatula. When chocolate is completely melted, add whipping cream and stir together with a whisk(hand whisk). Remove from heat, wipe water from the bottom of the pan, and stir in butter - one tablespoon at a time - until completely melted. Cover and place in the refrigerator for several hours or until firm. (approx. 2 hours) Place a layer of wax paper or foil on a tray. Shape the firm mixture into balls. Place balls onto the wax paper and return to refrigerator for about an hour or until firm again. Then roll truffles in cocoa powder or confectioner's sugar and store in an airtight container in the refrigerator. Truffles are best when served chilled.

You can make a variety of homemade truffles anyway you like it. Add any of the following for extra flavour :

1) peppermint essence for mint taste
2) coffee oil for mocha truffles
3) chopped unsalted nuts for a nutty truffle
4) whole nuts such as almond and hazelnut
5) raisins for ffuity taste
and etc...

For coating :
1) I would recommend chocolate mix or cocoa ready mix instead of cocoa powder.. coz they are a lot sweeter compared to cocoa powder which I find has a powdery bitter taste. If you using cocoa powder.. you can also mix it with a little bit of icing sugar.
2) icing sugar sifted
3) melted chocolate.. I find coated with milk chocolate is tastier compared to the bittersweet type. I personally find that coating your truffles with chocolate makes it easier to handle the truflle once refrigerated. Make sure to store your truffles in an AIRTIGHT container to prevent moisture build-up.
4) chopped unsalted roasted nuts.

Warning ~ Making truffles is indeed easy.. but I honestly find that it can be a bit messy. When you are shaping into a smooth ball.. your palm will be covered in chocolate . After a few truffles, if you sense that the truffles are melting too much as you roll, dip you hands into ice water, dry them well and then continue rolling. If you want to smooth the truffle even more, refrigerate them for 30min, and then roll them again a second time. Return the shaped truffles to the wax paper and refrigerate for 1 hr, or until ready to dip.

Note : Hey guys.. Don't be disheartened!! The other alternative to avoid such messiness in your kitchen while working with your kids... You can in fact shape the mixture by using two teaspoons and make simple rounds. You'll definitely have clean hands and giggling little kids..

For cut-out truffles... spread the chocolate mixture onto a tray covered with aluminium foil. Once refrigerated and firm, simply make cut-out shapes . Peeled off aluminium gently.. and coat accordingly.

Melt a little chocolate with a teaspoon of veg. shortening and dip your masrshmallows. Let dry. You can even sprinkle some chopped roasted nuts on the chocolate..

ZakiahZ ~ Merajuk? Sikit ajer..
Mama Siti ~ Nanti lah kiter hanto keCCK..
Lyana47 ~ feberet jugak?
Ecah ~ Tq Ecah
Alba Solare ~ Tq
Nic ~ Dah dekat yer ?
Shah, Sya, Syahmi ~ yes, tapi cheese muak..
MammaHouse ~ let's cook for our family and us too..
Zack ~ self-made chocs.. is great..
Amy ~ Samalah kat sini Amy..
Irda Idris ~ Kiter pun sama2 'hantu'
Azeemah ~ Nanti kiter ajak masak2...
Fasha ~ Kalau cut-outs or use teaspoon to shape.. tak messy pun..
Maz in dar ~ InsyaAllah.. I'll bring u down memory lane..
Amir ~ Makan chocolate tambah lapar..
MamaFami ~ Don't let the word 'messy' gets you..
Rozzan ~ sowee.. lambat setapak..
Ais -putih ~ ermm. dalam pantang ker?
Sabrina ~ chocs maybe good for u..
Ida ~ Tak kan?
Edoras ~ TAk leh buat dedikasi.. belum layak bagi tips.. hehee
Noor ~ Ni dah mula ni...
Zabuzahaku ~ Tengok gambo bole lapar?
Mallan ~ tq
Yani Cologne ~ I'm happy you liked beef pepper too..
Mademoiselle Ayu ~ yang mana?
Hellikonia ~ Takper.. enough rest.. nanti leh update.. with Adela..
Sweet Frosoting ~ Tak suka .. ermmm..
Yanina ~ Big kids too huh?
KNizam ~ Memang best..
Muni ~ When I was a kid.. tak tau pun apa itu truffles Muni..
MummyJam ~ Yes, if you want to get your hands dirty too..
KakMon ~ Rossya selalu terpegun ngan kakMon nyer chocolates tu.
Anna ~ The kids in us kan
Linad ~ Yep choclate factory.. coklat yg comot sikit..
Sea ~ Insyaallah.. nanti kak rossya emailkan..
Ieza98 ~ Yes, sedap time sejuk.. buatlah untuk Adam...
Fazaliza ~ Milo bila kena angin..keras ,nanti sticky bila sejuk pulak.. Erm... tapi mungkin crunchy.. Nutella, tak boleh firm macam chocolate. Kak rossya ader satu recipe similar ngan ferrero.. pun guna chocolate and hazelnut. Nutella tu dah processed. But, you can try lah.. kalau jadi bagitau kak rossya eh..

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