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cinnamon swirls & chocolate walnut cupcakes....

I really enjoy cooking. I really envy those cookery gurus who can work wonders with their food. I like colourful stuffs, so it's no surprise that I tend to add more colour to my food than it should be. Yeah...yeah I know too much colouring is not good.. But just an extra bit. I thought, would be rather cool.

I made the cinnamon swirls but overproofed them a bit. I was on the phone chatting away that I completely forgot about em'. When I finally came to it, it has spread tremendously.... macam roti canai. So had to reshape em' again. So guys if you're thinkin' of trying these swirls, always be on the lookout when proofing the dough. Bake them immediately once you get the desired size.I would recommend no more proofing. Cos' our weather is too hot, they spread too rapidly.


2 tbsp butter diced, plus extra for greasing
225g strong white bread flour, plus extra for dusting
1/2 tsp salt
1 sachet dried yeast
1 egg, beaten
215 ml hand-hot milk
2 tbsp maple syrup

4 tbsp butter, softened
2tsp ground cinnamon
50g soft brown sugar
50g currants

Grease a 9-inch square tin with a little butter. Sieve the flour and salt into a large mixing bowl, Stir in the dried yeast. Rub in the butter with your fingertips until the mixture resembles fine breadcrumbs. Add the egg and milk and bring together with your fingers to form a dough. STOP the milk if you think you've reached a soft dough. Place the dough in a greased bowl , cover and leave in a warm place for 40minutes. or until doubled in size. Knead the dough lightly for about 1 minute to knock it back, then roll out on a lightly floured surface into a rectangle measuring 12 x 9 inches.

To make the filling, cream the butter, cinnamon and brown sugar together in a bowl until the mixture is light and fluffy. Spread the filling over the dough, leaving 2.5cm border around the edges. Sprinkle over the currants. Roll up the dough like a Swiss roll, starting at a long edge, and press down to seal. Cut the roll into 12 slices. Place them in the tin, cover and leave in a warm place until doubled they are risen quite a bit.

Bake the slices in preheated oven 160C for 20-30 minutes or until well risen and golden. Brush the swirls with the maple syrup and leave to cool slightly. Serve warm.

Baked these Chocolate Walnut Cupcakes for Ustazah Azizah as requested by her husband. I just enjoy baking cupcakes. All sorts and without frosting of course. Get hooked to making cupcakes after getting my hand on Julie Le Clerc cookbook. I got inspired I guess. She calls them mini cakes. I, for one do enjoy baking mini cakes more than one large cake. Little cakes needn't be fancy, a little treat however can go the longest mile if it can provide one sweetest pleasure. Thankyou Ustazah Zah, for always believing in me.. (my love for cooking that is)


85g dark chocolate at room temperature
75g self-raising flour
1/4 tsp bicarbonate of soda
65g butter at room temperature
75g castor sugar, divided into 2 portions
3 eggs , separated
1 tbsp milk, at room temperature
50g chopped walnuts

Line a muffin pan with paper cups. Melt chocolate in a saucepan over gently simmering water. Set aside to cool. Sift the self-raising flour and bicarbonate of soda together. In a mixing bowl, cream butter with half the sugar until light and creamy. Beat in egg yolks, one at a time, followed by the cooled melted chocolate and milk. Fold in sifted ingredients. In a separate bowl, whisk egg whites until soft peaks form. Then beat in remaining sugar, half at a time, until mixture is just stiff. Using a spatula, simply fold egg whites into the flour mixture.Add in chopped walnuts. Spoon mixture evenly into prepared cases. Sprinkle with more chopped walnuts.

Baked preheated oven 160C for 20-25 minutes or until a skewer inserted into the centre of the cake comes out clean. Cool cakes in the pan then remove.

Meanwhile, prepare the topping by melting chocolate blocks (coating chocolate) in a saucepan over simmering water. Decorate tops of cakes with melted chocolate.

Note: If any of you guys wonder how's the texture of these cakes.. well it's more like a sponge cake. Soft and spongey..emm... sponge ler tu..

Kuzi ~
Izza@ putrajaya ~ Ia ker ? Macam betul lah Izza nie.. heehehe
Yangmazni ~ choc tu tak ler pahit. Maz bole gunakan mohrenglanz atau any couverture chocolate. This is for coating and dries up when cool. Tak ler melekit. Even dark couverture is bitterly sweet.
Gerimisalji ~ Cuba jangan tak cuba adik ooii..
Weda ~ Ish .... jauh nya weda nak order nie...
MummyJam ~ kalau dah try, jangan lupa tepek kat FP nanti. It's true that I have lompat tikam in my fridge for the whole of Ramadhan. Nak? Mummy nak tapau pakai gelas ker .. pakai plastic cups?
Liyana ~ Eh.. ni bukan kuih raya.... Ramadhan pun lum lagi.. dah rasa macam nak raya.... Ni mesti masih dapat collection duit raya kot...
Aishifu ~ Nak order ? Berapa container adik?.. Cakap jangan tak cakap yer.. hahaha
Cakcibao ~ Tak lama lagi dah posa, tak bole ler kak rossya nak tepek gambo makanan banyak2. Takut nanti orang terliur.. dah batal posa... Jadi ini lah masanya kak rossya post resepi2 untuk dicuba.. Bole kan?
Ciksue ~ apa pulak tak dapat rasa. resepi kak rossya dah bagi... cuba ler buat ciksue...
Korok ~ biskut pun biskut ler korok
Fiddeen ~ haah.. cik abang yang satu ni pun nak try! Cik adik2 tu bila lagi?
Sha ~ Lompat tikam memang best.
Hanna & Eez ~ Beli lah oven tu adik. Satu investment. Nanti bole baking2 dan kasi anak2 makan.
Sabrina ~ Buatkan tak jadi masalah, my dear Sab. Bila nak mai...
Mamafami ~ Have a good rest mama & energize well. Post ler yang back-up tu dulu. kalau dah sihat betul, baru lah berpencak silat kat dapur lagi yer...
Unnamed ~ Beli lah satu yang kecil pun boleh jugak asal kan functional. First try-outs mesti untuk cik abang tu.... pikat dulu dik ooiii..
Luz Macia ~ ish bab menitik tu.. tak censored ler... syedap yer...
Muni ~ Fotogenik sebab dah pakai bedak make-up sebelum bergambo tu haahh..
Cuyus ~
Phalinn ~ sedap.. jangan makan gambo sudah ler.. memang sedap ler bagi tekak kak rossya sekeluarga. Even cinnamon swirls yang rosak sikit rupanyer tu.. abes Lisya & kawan2 kerjakan sampai licin pinggan. Tak tinggal satu pun untuk mama & papa nye. ish ish ish..
Zack ~ macam 80-an & 90-an eh... Mungkin usia kak rossya and yr mum tak jauh beza kot. Jadi citarasa pun hampir sama ler ... hahhaha..
Kak Kham ~ Ish.. nanti raya kan kak kham dah balik M'sia. Mai datang sini kita gotong-royong hahh..
Jemster ~ hai baru bergelar isteri.. bagi ler rest sket. Nanti pelan2 masakkan cik abang fendi... Kalau ayang tu dah buat.. fendi jangan lupa pujian2 tu. Itu bab penting tau!!
Edoras ~ Bab resepi kalau nak cuba tak jadi masalah. Bab order itu berat sket ler.. Kiter tak commercially inclined. My home selalu welcome tetamu. Jemput kesini kalau ke S'pore nanti. I ni sebenarnya, so eager to read yr responses to the comments in yr FP. I actually think that u are becoming more comical everyday.. Lucu ler...
Cneo ~ Kak rossya dulu pun tak tau apa-apa. Belajar pelan2. U can do it too. Nak rajin mencuba ajer..
Mohamad Saiful ~ U are so humble. I have in fact visited yr FP more than once. And I find ur current entries , the pictures are getting better. U are talented in yr own right. For the cinnamon swirl tu, do come over.. we've left one for u.. hihihhihi
Ramsis ~ Ish posa tu... nanti batal pulak.
Bnurushd ~ Booking ? lambat lagi tu hari raya...

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